We improve life with nature


At Nature’s Sunshine we believe that everyone has their own, unique needs. Family history, lifestyle, diet and environment are all factors affecting our overall health. Therefore, nutrition has to be personalised to be effective. This belief has led us to research and discover numerous natural health solutions in the most remote regions of the world.
For 50 years, our mission has been to provide our customers with dietary supplements of the highest quality.

Sharing the power of nature

Our trust in nature guides us in everything we do, from working with our suppliers, who care for our planet and source the purest herbs from all around the world, to producing the best supplements in our cutting-edge manufacturing facility.

Cultivating the right relationships

Guided by the relationships between plants and humans, we are constantly working on mutually beneficial herb-sourcing practices, practices good for the planet, for our friends who grow our herbs, and for you. That’s why we work with those who support fair trade and labour practices. Caring for our suppliers for years, sometimes decades, allows us to receive the perfect ingredients from experienced growers which will take care of you.

Faithful to tradition

If we don’t preserve the power of natural solutions, what’s the point?
We remain faithful to the dedication the founders of Nature’s Sunshine showed and we do all we can to share our solutions with as many people as possible every day.

Obsessive focus on quality

Our company consists of people whose mission is to make everyday life better. We’re a well-established choice for everyone looking for lasting health benefits.

Promising to improve your life is a very bold statement, but we do it with certainty, because Nature’s Sunshine delivers health to millions of people around the world every day.
Highest quality solutions…