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Dietary supplements

Well-selected, daily supplementation is a great step towards well-being. Increasingly often we make the conscious decision to take proven nutraceuticals, which proves we increasingly want to be healthy. It’s as simple as that.

Authentic essential oils

Authentic essential oils are possibly the most precious gift from the plant kingdom. For centuries, these remarkable substances have been highly regarded for their taste and smell, but also for their incredible healing properties.

Cosmetics – Bremani Care

Beauty is a sign of good health, which is why the highest quality cosmetics round out our offer. Bremani Care combines Italian fantasy with the obsessive approach to quality of Nature’s Sunshine.


The purity of our products is the key. We ensure it in the simplest possible way, by using only the purest, thoroughly tested GMO-free ingredients. Our stringent requirements mean that we very often reject raw materials others are happy to use.


We personally go to the farthest corners of the Earth to find and verify herbs and natural ingredients of the highest quality, and to make sure that the nutrients our products contain are produced just as nature intended.


It’s not enough to say that our products can change your life. You health is too important for us to not be absolutely sure, which is why we test the effectiveness of our products at our own laboratory, The Hughes Center.



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