Clean – Effective – Proven

Getting the desired results is a tedious process, but there’s no way around that.
We travel all over the world to source the best ingredients and carry out hundreds of tests to check their purity and effectiveness.

Discover your needs

At Nature’s Sunshine we believe that everyone has their own, unique needs. Family history, lifestyle, diet and environment are all factors affecting our overall health. Therefore, nutrition has to be personalised to be effective. This belief has led us to research and discover numerous natural health solutions in the most remote regions of the world.

Why Nature's Sunshine?

Our company consists of people whose mission is to make everyday life better. We’re a well-established choice for everyone looking for lasting health benefits.
Promising to improve your life is a very bold statement, but we do it with certainty, because Nature’s Sunshine delivers health to millions of people around the world every day.
Nature’s Sunshine goes back 50 years. Not many companies in the world can boast of such experience. We’re built on family values. Less than half a century ago, we were a family’s idea for a business. Today we help people from all around the world.

We create honestly
We create for you

Each week we produce millions of capsules, tablets and other products. We know they were produced fairly, because we produced them.

We know our ingredients

True quality starts with pure, potent and balanced ingredients, and their source is the key. We study crops, monitor harvesting practices, and check cleaning and processing techniques. We test our raw materials all the time. Even those from long-term, trusted suppliers.