Authentic essential oils

The most precious gift from the plant kingdom.
For centuries, these remarkable substances have been highly regarded for their taste and smell, but also for their incredible healing properties.
Experts know that oils delivered in their original, unchanged, and therefore authentic form can change one’s life through the outstanding effects on the body and mind.

Our promise

Over its 50 years of existence, Nature’s Sunshine has built strong relationships based on trust and developed reliable practices that guarantee quality throughout the product’s lifecycle. Our essential oils have a unique guarantee of origin.
Thanks to our Sure-Source proprietary guarantee of origin, Nature’s Sunshine offers essential oil lovers a whole new level of confidence in our products’ purity. The Sure-Source system guarantees products’ authenticity. The system produces key documents – „signatures” – which serve as material proof of their authenticity of origin.

Uncompromising quality

We do all this to ensure that every drop of essential oil will work exactly as nature intended. Nothing has been added, changed or removed. This commitment to quality and authenticity is our promise.
When it comes to your health, we never compromise.
You shouldn’t either.

Guarantee of origin

Research and the Sure-Source system guarantee the authenticity of our essential oils.
Research and the Sure-Source system guarantee that our oils are free from adulterants and impurities.
Our oils are 100%:
Traceable at every production process stage.
Tested at every production process stage.
Tested by the NSP Quality Control Department to guarantee no contaminants,
adulterants or „phytochemical” additives are present

50 years of experience in creating natural dietary supplements
20 years of experience in producing authentic essential oils