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Don’t want to miss a meeting with Nature’s Sunshine?
In 2021 we hold exceptionally frequent meetings!
Check the dates on our calendar.

The brand new SmartMeal is now on sale!

Are you busy and don’t always find time for a meal?
Do you want to lose weight and control your body mass?
Or maybe you need a delicious way to supplement your diet with vitamins, minerals, fibre and protein?
Are you an athlete, and you need top-class protein?

The Polish Society of Sports Medicine recommends Pro Active kit!

The Pro Active set is now on sale! Energy from Solstice, Collagen+ with regenerative vitamin C and a source of vitamins and minerals, and above all, protein – that is the new SmartMeal.
Thanks to its excellent composition, the set has been recommended by the Polish Society of Sports Medicine!

The book "The Best Essential Oils" - My Aromatherapy is available in our shop!

The best essential oils, and among them those from Nature’s Sunshine!
We highly recommend this excellent book – it is a kind of map through the world of essential oils, where you will also find the wonderful oils made by us.

The 2021 Summer Conference is behind us!

Thank you for a great conference! The energy you bring to our meetings recharges our batteries for a long time!
Congratulations to all the awarded Leaders and Directors!
Thank you to the great speakers!
See you at Nature’s Sunshine 50th Anniversary Gala!

We would like to invite you to a series of training on Bremani Care cosmetics

We want to invite you to a cycle of webinars dedicated to the Bremani Care brand.
The training will be conducted for you by Kamila Kucharska-Ambrożej. Kamila is a graduate of the Higher Vocational School of Cosmetics and Health Care, majoring in „Cosmetics knowledge and cosmetic chemistry”, and a PhD student at the University of Białystok, Faculty of Chemistry.

The latest issue of "Be healthy."

The new issue of the „Be healthy” newsletter is now available in our shop!
In the issue, you will find exciting articles about supplementation, our current offer and promotions!
In July, we add a free copy to every order.

New product catalogue!

New promotional sets, Bremani Care cosmetics and Authentic Essential Oils now in one catalogue!
You no longer need three catalogues to present our offer effectively! The new catalogue contains all our products!


„Royal Lash” mascara models the eyelashes giving a beautiful curved shape that perfectly separates and thickens each lash. The combination of the excellent consistency of the mascara with the specially developed applicator makes it easy to apply, and the mascara does not leave any lumps, and it does not crumble.
The mascara formula has been tested and approved by ophthalmologists, which means it is a safe product for your eyes. In addition, the mascara contains vitamin E, D-panthenol and bamboo extract.


In the second half of May, completely new promotional sets will go on sale, replacing the current offer.
You can sneak a peek at what we have prepared today.
New sets also mean a new promotional offer.


A brand-new BMW has been featured in our car promotion! The lucky driver is our Leader-Manager from Białystok, Łukasz Łukasiuk.
We want to congratulate Łukasz on winning this great car, and we invite you to watch a short video from the award ceremony.


You can return to our cycle at any time, thanks to the recordings below.
The trainings we organized for you were conducted by an outstanding specialist in aromatherapy, Dariusz Cwajda.
Dariusz is the founder of the Warsaw Institute of Aromatherapy and a Board Member of the Polish Aromatherapy Society. Still, most of all, he is passionate about the world of essential oils. He presented a sample of his knowledge during our Winter Conference.


It has only been a few months since we included Collagen+ in our offer.  Collagen supplemented with vitamin C, zinc and hyaluronic acid hit the list of our bestsellers in record time.


It couldn’t have gone any other way. Nothing would stop us from meeting you at the Winter Conference. Yes, we had to move the meeting to the online world, but we were still very much there with you. We want to thank you very much and invite you to watch the recorded transmission, which we left in complete form, not even a minute missing!


We could read and listen to Andrzej Balcerzak M.D. endlessly. He is up to date with the world of science and has a fantastic way of conveying his knowledge about its achievements in a language we can all understand.
After the success of the first edition of the Almanac, publish another one was a must. This one is going to be a success again!