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Christmas Loyalty Promotion

Are you ready for the Christmas Loyalty Promotion? The rules are simple!
Just place a points-based order in November to be able to choose an additional product at half price with a minimum 30 points purchase in December!

A discounted product can only be added to a points-based order (minimum 1 point).
The list of products available at a discount will vary depending on their availability in stock.
You can only use the promotion once.

Bremani Care Children’s Bath Gel with a 50% discount

By placing your first October order, you can buy the Children’s Bath Gel 50% off.
It is a wonderful product with a delicate aroma that cleanses, moisturises, protects and, of course, cares for children’s delicate and sensitive skin. The gel is free of sulphates, parabens, formaldehydes, refined products and harmful alcohols and is absolutely safe for any child.

Loyalty promotion

Regular purchases provide regular benefits. Place an order for a minimum of 50 points and choose one of the products for half price.
It is enough that you have placed any order in the previous month.
You can take advantage of the promotion once a month, and you can only add the discounted product to a shopping basket that contains at least one product at the regular price.
In November, you can choose from the following items:
Fat Absorber, Carbo Grabbers, Zinc ALT, Essential Oil – Recover, Essential Oil – Peppermint, Essential Oil – Inspire, Pro B11.

More than sets!

Each of our targeted sets opens the door to additional discounts!

• Super Start to Health is 25% off Collagen or Collagen+.
• Optimum is 25% off Bifidophilus Bacteria or Vitamin C.
• Woman is 25% off Collagen or Calcium Plus Vitamin D.
• Pro Cardio is 25% off Zambrose or Lecithin.
• Pro Immune is 25% off Grapine and Antioxidants or Vitamin B Complex.
• Beauty is 25% off any cosmetic from the Bremani Care line.
• Pro Relax is 25% off Solstic or Coenzyme Q10.
• Healthy Intestines is 25% off Fat Absorber or Cayenne Pepper, Garlic and Parsley.
• Healthy Bones and Joints is 25% off Chondroitin or MSM.