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Only till 9th January!

Dietary supplements with discounts when you buy essential oils!
Defense Maintenance or Immune Formula or Lecithin up to 30% off!

10% off with Refuge
20% off with Refuge and Essential Shield
30% off with Frankincense

Just add one of these oils to your cart and select your promotion!

Set of the month!

Bestselling essential oils with ultrasonic diffuser for half price and free shipping?
Why not! In January, we recommend the following oil set: Essential Shield, Frankincense, and Refuge with white diffuser.
If you buy in a set, you save nearly PLN 60 and you don’t pay for the courier!

Loyalty promotion

Order each month for a minimum of 50 points and enjoy 50% off select products. During January–March 2022, you can choose from the following products:
– Coenzyme Q10 Plus
– Grapine and Antioxidants
– Garlic
– Ury
– Bacillus Coagulans
– Set of 200 product leaflets
– Set of 10 product catalogues
You can also select free delivery service in the promotion.

More than sets!

Each of our targeted sets opens the door to additional discounts!
Plus, when you buy one of the sets below, you don’t pay for shipping!

• Super Start to Health is 25% off Collagen or Collagen+.
• Optimum is 25% off Bifidophilus Bacteria or Vitamin C.
• Woman is 25% off Collagen or Calcium Plus Vitamin D.
• Pro Cardio is 25% off Zambrose or Lecithin.
• Pro Immune is 25% off Grapine and Antioxidants or Vitamin B Complex.
• Beauty is 25% off any cosmetic from the Bremani Care line.
• Pro Relax is 25% off Solstic or Coenzyme Q10.
• Healthy Intestines is 25% off Fat Absorber or Cayenne Pepper, Garlic and Parsley.
• Healthy Bones and Joints is 25% off Chondroitin or MSM.

Buy more, pay less!

We highly recommend shopping in four-packs and 10+1 sets.
With the 10+1 sets, you pay for 10 products and receive 11.
Four-packs give you a discount of about 7%.