DTX Basics


Your body is superbly designed to neutralise a wide range of threats in the form of harmful toxins that are encountered every day.
Air pollutants, allergens, chemicals, food additives etc. are constantly being captured, broken down and excreted through your body’s natural processes. But even your body’s best mechanisms may need help. The enormous effort your body makes every day requires daily support.
That is why DTX Basics was created – a unique combination of herbs, vitamins and probiotics that your body needs to efficiently neutralise, transform and excrete toxins on a daily basis. 

DTX Basics


DTX Basics combines the benefits of four different products from Nature’s Sunshine. Their synergy enables to achieve the goal of supporting the body in daily cleansing. Each serving is a comprehensive action of Milk Thistle Combination, Super Antioxidant, Cinnamon Balance and Bacillus Coagulans. The combination of these four products gives great results and ensures safe use every day.

Milk Thistle Combination

Consists of vitamins A and C combined with such herbs such as milk thistle and dandelion. The main function of the product is to support liver, which plays a key role in the body’s cleansing process. Milk thistle seed extract supports normal liver functioning and normal bile production. The similar effect of dandelion root, which additionally helps to maintain urinary tract function, makes Milk Thistle a product that is essential every day. Vitamins A and C play an important role in the metabolism of iron, which your body cannot produce on its own. An added bonus here is the presence of choline, which contributes to maintaining normal fat metabolism and supports liver function.

Super Antioxidant

The real antioxidant bomb. Air pollutants, toxins, food additives force your body to work hard and expose your cells to oxidative stress. Rosehip fruit, which contain naturally occurring antioxidants, play a special role here, but also contribute to the proper functioning of the kidneys, bladder and gastrointestinal system. Turmeric rhizome is a great support for the liver, but also for the upper respiratory tract.

Cinnamon Balance

More than cinnamon – a synergy of fenugreek, milkvetch, greater burdock and dandelion. Fenugreek seeds contribute to maintaining the correct pH of gastric juice and support digestion. Milkvetch root helps the skin to defend itself against UV damage and greater burdock root helps to maintain normal blood glucose levels.

Bacillus Coagulans

Completes the composition of DTX Basics by providing your body with a dose of probiotic bacteria essential for every digestive system

DTX Basics


Your body can handle the cleansing process perfectly well, but processed foods, lack of physical activity or taking medications can prove to be too much of a strain on the natural detoxification process. The body can communicate this by burdening us with a constant feeling of fatigue, skin problems or weight gain and headaches.
The body cleanses itself through multiple pathways: through the skin, respiratory system, kidneys and intestines. Of course, the key is the liver and its proper functioning. All these pathways are supported by the herbs included in DTX Basic.
Daily good habits and regular use of DTX Basic will help improve the cleansing process and make your body free of toxins.