Winter Conference 2023

Bigger, Better, Bolder are the slogans with which Nature’s Sunshine enters the new year 2023. After a great previous year for the company, this year we want to achieve even more, do better and be bolder. Bigger, Better and Bolder saw the light of day for the first time at the 2023 Winter Conference, an annual event organised for Nature’s Sunshine customers and distributors.
The Winter Conference is, of course, a time to summarise the past year, reward up-and-coming distributors and reveal the cards we want to play in the new year and beyond. These cards represent new products, new business promotions and changes to IT systems, and their deck is set to take Nature’s Sunshine to the top of the dietary supplement and multi-level marketing industry.

On 14-15 January, we met in Jachranka, in the beautiful Warszawianka Hotel, tailored for such events. Our guests filled the conference room tightly and the nervous anticipation of the start of the conference was in the air. With a slight delay, the show managed to take off and the first speakers appeared on stage.
Nature’s Sunshine President Bryant Yates, who could not be with us, in a short speech recorded a few hours before the conference thanked everyone for a great 2022 and encouraged them to do even more to develop Nature’s Sunshine in Poland and Europe.
Nature’s Sunshine General Manager in Poland Grzegorz Małachowski summed up the past year by revealing its most important figures, but above all revealed the company’s plans for the coming months. Ahead is Nature’s Sunshine’s expansion into the German market and a focus on building business in Lithuania and Latvia. We will soon change the ordering system and introduce advanced business analytics tools for our distributors. Director Małachowski also announced the qualifications for the 2024 Directors’ Academy and introduced the participants of the Academy, which will be held this year.
The next speaker was a guest from Nature’s Sunshine headquarters, who introduced new products. Marketing director Rex Hardy is a man who turns every project into a success, as evidenced by the Collagen he launched. At the Winter Conference, Vari Gone and Blood Pressurex went on sale through him, products that have been high on the best-selling list in the United States for years.
The first part of our event ended with a short presentation by Dariusz Cwajda, founder of the Institute of Natural Aromatherapy. The aroma-marketing course promised by Dariusz will soon be made available to our distributors.

After the official part of the Winter Conference, we were approaching the awards presentation, and this is undoubtedly the most anticipated part of all our meetings. It was time to award the best networkers and distributors who had been promoted to a higher status in the past six months.
On our stage, one by one, the following appeared: Best Networkers, Leaders, Leaders-Assistants, Leaders-Consultants, Leaders-Managers, Directors-Assistants, Director-Consultants and the participants of the Top Achiever’s Club and all the Nature’s Sunshine Directors present at the Winter Conference.

Despite the immense excitement that Saturday provided, we were all ready for just as much knowledge and motivation, and these were to be provided by the Sunday part of the Winter Conference. This one, with a short lecture on the DTX Basics product, was started by Rex Hardy. The applause and appreciation with which he was received may herald repeated visits by the Marketing Director to Poland.
Another highlight of the programme was the medical panel loved by our guests, featuring Prof. Andrzej Ziemba and Maciej Materkowski, MD, of the Polish Society of Sports Medicine, Prof. Dariusz Włodarek from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Andrzej Balcerzak, PhD – founder of the Institute of Integrative Medicine and Dariusz Cwajda from the Institute of Natural Aromatherapy.
During the panel, the speakers faced questions sent in by our customers and distributors. With their immense knowledge, reflex and detachment, the panellists once again won the hearts of our guests, leaving none of the questions unanswered.

The medical panel concluded the first part of our meeting, while the second part opened with débuts on our conference stage. The first to take the stage was certified personal development trainer Agnieszka Maracewicz, whose lecture effectively argued for the power of believing in oneself and in the sense of what one does.
The following speakers were also newcomers who told their success stories. Leaders-Managers Artur and Marta Sakowski and Karolina Górska provided our guests with inspiration and confidence in their own convictions.
The speeches of Directors-Consultants Dariusz Ciszek and Anna Sasko cannot be called débuts, but we must draw attention to their great knowledge, professionalism and excellent approach to the topics raised.
Motivation, inspiration, recipe for success… We also found everything in the presentation by Member of the Board of Directors Marek Wierbiłowicz, who closed the business part of our meeting. His plans and the vision of their fulfilment always give strength to an already somewhat tired audience.

General Manager Grzegorz Małachowski closed the Winter Conference with a brief vote of thanks.
We came to part and look forward to our next meeting.

Thank you to all the participants of the Winter Conference for creating a wonderful atmosphere, for your smiles and handshakes. See you in July!